PALLADIUM Pitti Imagine, Florenz

PALLADIUM Pitti Imagine,  Florenz

Lifestyle and fashion brand Palladium commissioned the design duo Gadde & Wawro to develop a global design concept for their upcoming brand and their products for the world wide market.

Only restrictions have been a description of the customer of the future.
Gadde & Wawro came up with the most simplest “thing”; an old, used EU palette transport box filled with urban rubbish, rests of stones, concrete, metall and sand.

This simple, dirty looking box presents urbanity, mobility, hidden traces and a permanent change of the urban area.
With this box, Gadde & Wawro began a long series of urban scenographies in stores, showrooms, fashion fairs and exhibitions.

view on set up
PALLADIUM Pitti Imagine, Florenz